Position: Quality Management Specialist                        Classification: Exempt
Reports to: Production Manager                                       Location: Atlanta, GA
Department: Architectural/Structural Engineering

Job Summary:
Responsible for the quality of all A&E drawings and deliverables from the Architectural and Structural Engineering Department.

Essential Functions (Key Responsibilities):

  1. Information Assessment – Research and review project requirements and design information to determine if it is sufficient to complete the design while ensuring that the design concept can be met
  2. Production Coordination – Coordinate with other departments, Project Managers and Engineers to establish essential functions and deadlines necessary to finish the project
  3. Setup – Determine standards to be followed and verify appropriate method by which to create drawings such as: using either a CAD template customized to client requirements; a standard template designed for the specific type of work; or by modifying a previous project
  4. Drafting – Produce deliverable drawings using information from notes, sketches, calculations or visualizations of design. Supplement with standard notes, details and other necessary project information to produce a completed and refined deliverable
  5. Quality Control – Review drawings to ensure required aspects of the project are met and perform quality reviews of the drafting work performed by other designers and technicians
  6. Drawing Presentation – Present and explain completed designs to appropriate personnel for review, adjustments, and/or delivery
  7. Drafting Support – Provide technical and procedural support to CAD Technicians and Designers
  8. Perform related responsibilities as required or assigned



  • Technical knowledge – Proficient in company approved computer drafting platform and drafting techniques
  • Analytical Skills – Ability to analyze information to ascertain relevance and to visualize in 3-D
  • Communication Skills – Oral and written communication skills, with the ability to clearly express questions and explanations and to make suggestions
  • Computer Skills – Competent and proficient in the use of computers.

Decision Making – Adept at making design related decisions once appropriate information is gathered from various sources

Equivalent Education/Experience

  • Certificate or Associate Degree in Drafting
  • At least 2 years of related work experience
  • Post high school education in STEM coursework (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).
  • Experience in the telecommunications industry is preferred but not required.

Work requires conformance to tight deadlines, quick project turnaround, fast pace, and occasional overtime.

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