Position:          Civil CAD Technician                                      Classification:   Non-Exempt

Supervisor:     Director, Site Development Services           Location:   Mesa, AZ

Department:   Site Development Services                           


Job Summary:

Responsible for preparing civil engineering drawings (using Autodesk Civil 3D CAD) in line with established standards and procedures for leasing, permitting, zoning, design, construction or modification.


Essential Functions (Responsibilities):

  1. Project Information – Review information placed in project folders to determine if necessary documents are available and inform CAD Lead of discrepancies and/or missing documents.
  2. Research – Locate specific site information, such as aerial images, local codes, utility companies or jurisdictions, using internet resources as required.
  3. Setup – Determine appropriate methods to create drawings using either a CAD template customized to the client’s requirements, a standard template designed for the specific type of work, or by updating an existing CAD file.
  4. Drafting – Complete the drawing process using the information contained within the documents and in line with the Scope of Work and make necessary corrections to existing drawings once quality control, the client or carrier has completed review of the documents.
  5. Quality Control – Perform a quality review of the work to ensure required aspects of the project have been completed.
  6. Hand Off – Present the completed drawing to the CAD Lead for review and/or delivery.
  7. Perform related responsibilities as required or assigned.

Required Qualifications:


  • Technical Knowledge – Proven knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D and drafting techniques
  • Analytical Skills – Ability to analyze information to ascertain relevance
  • Communication Skills – Strong oral and written communication skills, with the ability to clearly express questions, explanations and suggestions
  • Computer Skills – Proficiency in the use of personal computers, including internet, email, PDF and image software

Equivalent Education/Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Certificate or Associate Degree in Drafting
  • Emphasis mathematics in education and experience
  • Wireless telecom experience a plus

Special Job Dimensions:

Work requires conformation to tight deadlines, quick turnaround on projects, fast pace, the ability to adapt, and occasional overtime.

To apply, complete the B+T Group Job Application and submit your resume to: jobs@btgrp.com.

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