Our field team applies innovative solutions to structurally reinforce towers and their foundations to support additional loading. Our services also include providing assessments of tower-modification designs.

Services Include:
+ Self-support Tower Modification Construction
+ Guyed Tower Modification Construction
+ Monopole Modification Construction
+ Foundation Modification
+ Constructability Assessment


Clients depend on B+T Group’s experienced and knowledgeable audit and inspection team and unique use of technology with Site360 for tower and appurtenance audits, tower mappings, TIA Code inspection, audits of third-party construction documents, post-modification inspections, and testing of site performance and installation.

Services Include:
+ Tower and Appurtenance Audits + Tower Mappings
+ TIA Code Inspections + Post-mod Inspections
+ Third-party Construction Audit + Site Performance and Installation Testing: PIM, Sweep, Fiber, and Azimuth


Our technical and integration services are designed to ensure that all software and hardware at each cell site are operating properly. Our team is responsible for everything from microwave and cell site installation and integration to battery change-outs and equipment decommissioning.

Services Include:
+ Microwave Installation/Integration + Cell Site Installation/Integration
+ Cell-site Router Installation/Integration + Line Sweeps and PIM Testing
+ Fiber Testing + Tiger Team Services
+ SpiderCloud Installation and Commissioning
+ DAS+Small Cell Construction/Integration + Power Plant Change-outs
+ Battery Change-outs + Equipment Decommissioning
+ IP Backhaul Integration


B+T Group provides turnkey DAS and small cell services including RF engineering, site design and development services and field services. As this technology has gained traction, B+T Group continues to commit resources to training on the latest technology.

Services Include:
+ Site Acquisition + RF Design
+ Installation + RF Integration and Optimization
+ Civil + Structural + Fiber Engineering
+ Site360

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