As the original Site360 technicians, our audits and inspection crews know first hand what a difference exceptional data can make for the finished product of a client audit. With the SiteView, they no longer send hundreds of photos to their clients. Now all sites are provided within a SiteView where clients can navigate each of their locations from their office with the comfort that the data is correct.

Our teams measures and documents all structural members and assesses the condition of structures and hardware according to the TIA Code. Our crew can also verify proper installation of modifications, review documents and ensure that standards are met. Site performance testing includes PIM, fiber and azimuth.

Services Include:
+ Tower and Appurtenance Audits
+ Tower Mappings
+ TIA Code Inspections
+ Post-mod Inspections
+ Third-party Construction Audit
+ Site Performance and Installation Testing: PIM, Sweep, Fiber, and Azimuth

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